Kosher Facilities

Kosher Shop at the BHC Shul

Our brilliant Kosher Shop, Shop@theShul, has been serving Bournemouth’s Jewish community and the many visitors to our town since 2010. Shop@theShul carries an extensive range of traditional Jewish foods including ready-made and home-made meals.

Shop@theShul provides a range of ready-made and raw food with Kedassia Hesher.

Please place your orders by email (

The normal opening hours for the Summer are:-

Thursday:  From 10:00 until 14:00

Friday:  From 8:30 until 12:00

These times may change during certain holidays.

Make Shop@theShul your premier kosher shopping destination in Bournemouth. All profits from the shop benefits the Shul and the local Community. The shop is run and staffed by volunteers from the Bournemouth Jewish Community.


Supermarkets in Bournemouth stocking kosher food:

The local supermarkets carry a limited and unpredictable selection of kosher food.

Tesco Tesco
Poole Road
BH12 1AU
Riverside Avenue
Off Castle Lane East
Online Map & Directions Online Map & Directions
ASDA Sainsburys
St Paul’s Road
near the Railway Station
637- 641 Christchurch Road
BH1 4APTel: 01202 394682
Fax: 01202 729891
Online Map & Directions Online Map & Directions
NB: ASDA have resumed stocking fresh refrigerated Kosher food, with a variety of Gilbert’s and Israeli meat and cheese products. There is a small dry kosher section. NB: Sainsburys Castlepoint and Alder Hills stores also carry a small range of dry kosher food