Messages from Rabbi Jesner

Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

18th March 2020


I have been deeply distressed by the fast flowing events that have overtaken us all in the last few days.  The most upsetting event is the directive from the office of the Chief Rabbi to close our beloved place of worship for the last 110 years.  It pains me deeply to miss the routine wake up call at 6.a.m. for Shacharis, being amongst friends and sharing the good, and difficult times together.

A new reality has come into our world and I am reminded of the story in the TALMUD TRACTATE TAANIT…….it relates the story of NACHUM ISH GAMZU.  The reason why he was called GAMZU is that every time something went wrong in his life it always turned out for the best and he was rewarded by the ALMIGHTY.

AICHA LAMENTATIONS, which we read on TISHA BAV, tells us “AIN RA-AH YOTZEI ME PEE ELYON”  –  there is no evil coming from on high.  Life to us is like a one way mirror where we only see one side. The other side THE ALMIGHTY sees. We have to have the faith like NACHUM ISH GAMZU in the Talmud  that things will be for the best.

We will move as it  is states in the HAGADAH

YAGON LI SIMCHA – from sorrow to joy,

“MAYAVEL LI YOMTOV “  –  from mourning to festivity,

“AFELA TO OR GAGOL”    –  from darkness to light,

“OOMEESHEEBOOD LEEGIOOLA”  –  from bondage to redemption.

The Haggadah continues “VINOMAR LIFANAV SHIRA CHADASHAH”  –  turn a new page in the life of our much loved community.

Whilst we cannot be together in person we can at least support each other at this time.

Our phones are always switched on:- Pamela’s number is 07984-427375  and my phone number is 07932-723811

We have to help each other at this difficult time;  if you are able to support someone less fortunate than yourself , please offer assistance when it is possible and safe to do so.

Pamela joins  me in my prayers for wishing you all  good health and courage during these challenging times.

Rabbi Adrian Jesner