Union of Jewish Students

The Union of Jewish Students

The Union of Jewish Students is the only cross communal body, dedicated to the provision of meaningful Jewish experiences to Jewish students from all denominations and political views, as well as defending the rights of Jewish students on campus. UJS offers a wide range of opportunities in political, educational, cultural and leadership roles, empowering students to take up positions of responsibility, to advantage themselves and those around them.

UJS is an umbrella organisation that brings together the various denominational groups and other communal organisations who have a service to offer Jewish students. It is our mission to encourage more Jewish students to do more Jewish things on campus, and to foster a sense of belonging that motivates them to continue to be a part of the Jewish community after graduation.

UJS works closely with over 100 Jewish Societies within Students’ Unions and individual student activists on campus to enhance and enrich their Jewish identity and Jewish experiences at University. J-Soc is responsible for almost everything Jewish that happens on campus. UJS provides a structure and a service that supports J-Socs, whilst also providing extra opportunities for Jewish students on a local, regional, national, and international level. UJS and J-Soc are partners, and together we offer a variety of activities tailored to your needs on campus. When you sign up to J-Soc you automatically become a member of UJS.

We believes that if every Jewish student has the opportunity to find something they enjoy and do it in a Jewish atmosphere, it becomes a positive Jewish experience. So anything is possible, and UJS can help you out with anything from funding to finding places to go paintballing!

There are countless local and national programmes, events, campaigns, opportunities and activities that you can get involved in through UJS.

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Union of Jewish Students


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