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For those of us not necessarily used to davening alone, please be aware of the differences between the Shacharit service davened individually to that davened with a Minyan in Shul at Wootton Gardens.  There are no Amens after Barachot, no Kaddish, Barachu, Amidah repetition or head resting on your arm during Tachanun but we do add “El Melech Neeman” before the Shema.

We will be holding Shachrarit services followed by drasha by Rabbi Jesner every week day starting at 8.30 am from Monday to Friday and at 9.00 am on Sundays.  For detailed online service times please refer to the ‘Services and Minyanim‘ page. To join just click this link:

The following page references may be of use.

Ref Artscroll Sacks  Edition (Green Siddur)
1 Modeh Ani 2 4
2 Morning Blessings (together no amen) 18 16
3 Leholom 26 20
4 Veryudbare 32 24
5 Azahu Mkomon 42 28
6 Rabbi Yishamael 48 32
7 Mizmor sheer– No Kaddish, 54 36
8 Baruch Sheomar 58 40
9 Yishtabach Shimachuh Leud 82 58
10 No Baruchu straight onto Baruch 84 62
11 Kodosh and Baruch Kovod – Together 86-87 64
12 Shema (add al melech neh-eh-mon beforehand) 90 68
13 Amidah (no repetition) 98 74
14 Tachanun to Shemchuh (not Nissan) Vhoo(124)/Vyomer 132 104 or 112
15 Note no Kaddish etc
16 Ashrei 150 132
17 Note no Kaddish 156 138
18 Aleinu no Kaddish 158 140
19 Daily Psalm 162 onwards 144 onwards

Remember also that your microphones are designed to amplify sounds and those sounds are broadcast to everybody. We realise this is unintentional but the results can be very disruptive.   If you are in a noisy area or wish to daven aloud then with respect we ask that your computer/tablet/phone be muted or even just consider relocating to a quiet area.

Thanks for joining us.

Josie and Eric

PS. You can download the above information and print it at home.To download please click on the link below.

Shacharit davening alone – BHC online guide