Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen

AJEX – The Association of Jewish Ex-Service men and Women – has an amazing story to tell.

Its membership includes over 4,000 individuals who served in the British Army, either during or after the Second World War.

The Social and Welfare division offers grants to members and their families who find themselves in difficulty, offering help with medical, housing and other essential everyday needs.

We are most grateful to Mr Alf Breyer of Bournemouth AJEX for the following.

Recently, in line with our Royal British Legion colleagues, we opened our doors to membership for those who are not ex-service but believe in the principles of AJEX and are of the Jewish faith. All you have to do is to contact us (see the end of this article). The basic tenets on which AJEX was founded are: remembrance of the sacrifices of the past, help for those in need and educationfor the future.

Last year (2008) we had our own memorial for our Jewish dead dedicated in the National Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire where it stands with pride among 150 memorials to other services and regiments of our country. Remember with pride the 2,953 British Jews who gave their lives in the second world war, and those who died in the first world war, and those since, who we remember at the local and national Cenotaphs in November. Join us this year, and see the AJEX branches from all over the world who gather together.

We also have a Jewish museum* in London, which celebrates what Jews have done fighting for our country, and has records of over 60,000 names of Jewish personnel who served 1939-1960. AJEX has existed for over 80 years, and long may it continue. It can with your support.

For further information please contact the BHC office on             01202 557433

*The Jewish Military Museum can be contacted by e-mail to Brenda at museum@ajex.org.uk or by calling             020 8202 2323