The Bournemouth Jewish Representative Council – familiarly known as “The Rep Council” – has many facets: we help people and organisations when they need it, we can provide practical advice and we go out into the wider community, dealing with welfare, education and a whole lot more.

In 2008 we set up the BJRC website. Please click here to visit our website.

The aim of our website is to provide the relevant information about Jewish Bournemouth that you might need, or to refer you on to an appropriate site.

Our website is updated regularly. If you have any suggestions for additional content or improvements, please do send them to us.

Jewish Wessex is as important to us as Jewish Bournemouth. So if you live within approximately 50 miles radius of us why not stay in touch with us? Let us know what’s happening where you live.

The BJRC is an information centre. We are not allied to any one synagogue. Neither are we political. We can provide members to speak on a variety of Jewish matters, to different and diverse groups. Our members include all the Synagogues and a large number of organisations in the Wessex and Bournemouth area.

Moving to Bournemouth, want to know more about Jewish Bournemouth?

Contact us and we will be delighted to assist or put you in touch with the appropriate organisation.

Please use and enjoy our website

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