Bournemouth Golda Emunah

At a specially convened EGM in April 2013 it was unanimously agreed that Bournemouth Emunah and Golda Emunah should merge into one group, to be known as Bournemouth Golda Emunah.

Our committee members are:-

Honorary President: Rebbitzen Pamela Jesner

Co-Chair: Thelma Cowan & Corinne Rein

Treasurer: Marilyn Dexter

Secretary: Rosamunde Bloom

       Publicity and Membership: Anne Ozdamar

Other Committee Members: Jayne Baker, Jenny Lamski, Gila Rose

About Emunah

As many of you will know, Emunah is a worldwide organisation that is recognised as one of the leading social welfare providers in Israel. From modest beginnings in 1933 when Emunah was set up by a group of concerned British women to help children who had escaped Nazi persecution, the first children’s residential home was built in 1949 in Afula. Today Emunah has a network of 180,000 members in 30 countries, with 225 projects in Israel, each of which is maintained to the highest standards. 35 of these projects are funded by British Emunah, with some sponsored by eminent Bournemouth families.

Emunah is an integral part of the social fabric of Israeli society, building and maintaining day care centres, vocational training centres, residential homes and therapy centres to provide successful solutions to the ever changing needs of Israel’s most deprived and vulnerable children. Emunah transforms the lives of thousands of disadvantaged youngsters, many of whom arrive at Emunah centres disturbed, neglected and victims of abuse. In time they become well adjusted young people equipped to lead normal lives as useful and successful members of society.










The strength of our organisation is, and always has been, the combination of the energy, passion and enormous commitment of our volunteers and supporters, together with the traditional timeless Jewish family values and professional expertise that underpin all the Emunah projects in Israel. Each of our children is cared for with the unique tender loving care that is the Emunah hallmark.

Emunah’s family of UK supporters is proud of our children in Israel. Our uniquely close relationship with each of our ventures in Israel ensures that Emunah’s UK supporters enjoy a hands-on, personal involvement with Emunah’s people and projects.

If you would like to become more involved with the work of Emunah please contact any of the committee members listed above.

Further information about Emunah can be found at

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Contact Details

Shield House, Harmony Way,
London NW4 2BZ

Tel:  020 8203 6066
Fax: 020 8203 6668

Child Resettlement Fund Registered
Charity No. 215398

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