Eastbourne Hebrew Congregation

We are very happy to have  received the following ‘Shalom Aleichem’ from Menashe Harounoff and Ronnie Taylor, Honorary President and Honorary Chairman respectively of  the Eastbourne Hebrew Congregation:

We are a small friendly congregation based in central Eastbourne. We hold Shabbat services every week at 10:00 a.m., using the Singer’s siddur, but have a heimische approach to services.

The services are usually led by lay leaders and congregants. Participation in services is encouraged and supported, but not obligatory. There is often a discussion on the weekly sidrah (portion).

While the service is conducted in a traditional style interspersed with English, women participate at times by reading the sidrah in English from the Chumash.

The seating is arranged so that ladies sit to the left, gentlemen to the front and right side of the shul. However, mixed seating for married couples and families is reserved at the rear three rows on the right side.

Kippot and Taleisim are made available.

Hats and head coverings for ladies are a matter of personal preference (not provided).

The service is followed by a light Kiddush and the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and the chance to make new ones.

We often have members and visitors from Hove, Bexhill and Hastings Jewish communities who come to join our services and at times lead them.

We actively promote a positive expression of Judaism within the local community, and harmonious relations between the various congregations in the small but thriving Jewish community on the south coast.

We look forward to extending a very warm welcome to you.