Eulogy by Mia Singer

Delivered on behalf of Mia Singer on 28 December 2017.

I would like to read a few words written by my 15 year old cousin Mia Singer from Melbourne, Australia:

I have so many happy memories of my Grandpa Howard. I remember when I was little and sitting with him at a wedding, he let me cover all of his face with stickers. He really would do anything to make me smile. He continually made me laugh with his dry sense of humour.

He would do anything to make me feel special, apart from letting me win board games! He always beat me and never let me win! However, I once remember playing the Mastermind game with him and beating him! I said “Grandpa, how did I beat you?” He said “Mia, I’m colour blind!”

He was the smartest person that I ever met. I find it truly inspirational that after his diagnosis he continued to finish his PhD. A true example of persistence, that will always drive and inspire me.

Even though we lived far away, we got to spend lots of happy times together. I loved it when Grandma & Grandpa came to stay with us in Australia. They came for so many weeks that it felt like they were actually living in the same City as us, which I loved. We spoke regularly on the phone and despite the distance I always felt very close to him.

Grandpa Howard’s kindness to so many people over the years reflects so much in the way that my Mum has brought up me and my sister Lila. I hope to live my life in a way that would make him proud.

Mia Singer