Hebrew Language Classes

Learning how to speak Ivrit

Did you once speak Ivrit but have forgotten more than you ever knew? Do you want to brush up on your Ivrit so that you can discuss politics with your Russian taxi driver in Tel Aviv or argue with a shopkeeper in Netanya?

On Monday mornings throughout the year, a small group meets with teacher Dora Glaser for conversation, to discuss newspaper articles, listen to radio and watch CDs. Our standard is mixed,  but most have a basic working knowledge of spoken modern Hebrew.

The group has been going for over 20 years and we always have fun and a good laugh to start the week. Members come from a range of backgrounds, with different life experiences and varying levels of religious observance. We would welcome more people to join us and if you would like further information please email to hebrewlanguage@bhcshul.co.uk or alternatively contact the shul office on 01202 557433 – we promise you will be answered in fluent English!