Hesped by Zachary Selby

This Hesped was given by Sam’s grandson Zachary Selby, aged 12, over the Shabbat during the Shiva.

I thought I would say a few words to reflect my feelings of the last week and perhaps the last few years.

Firstly I would like to focus on a few individuals from the Tanach.

Moshe was a person who was as close to get to G-d as you can get. As the Pasok says Moshe was a man of G-d. This was only said about one other man Abraham who discovered G-d himself. The reason he got this title was because of his modesty. We read a few weeks ago in the parasha of  Vayikra. Vayikra means and he called a specific person. Vayikra is spelt vav yud caf raish aleph. Moshe asked G-d when writing the Torah to allow him to make the aleph smaller so it then read vayikar. Vayikar means and he called for someone to come. This makes it seem that instead of G-d calling on Moshe he calls for anyone and Moshe just happened to be there, an example of his modesty.

Aaron was one of the most if not the most loyal person in the whole Torah.

Even when G-d took 2 of his children for lighting a fire he still stuck by G-d and did not question his decisions or judgement.

King David came from a big family he was the youngest and often picked on. But even after coming from that he became one of the most important leaders in Jewish history. This was because of great leadership qualities.

Shlomo was once appeared to by G-d in a dream. G-d said to Shlomo I will give you one wish and it can be whatever you want. Shlomo asked for wisdom so he could help other people. This shows his desire to help other people.

I have just talked about some of the most influential characters in Jewish history. The reason I have just spoken about their qualities is because I think these qualities were represented in my Zeide.

He was a giving man and although he gave a lot most of the people had no idea it was him giving. This symbolises modesty.

He had the qualities of a leader he had a strong character. He needed this to survive through some terrible situations during his time in the Second World War, My Zeide was loyal to G-d, who had put him through one of the most horrible tests he could, yet My Zeide managed to leave with a vibrant love of G-d. This is something not many people can claim.

Unfortunately  My Zeide started to get ill when I was only 6 years old, so I never really had the full benefit of his amazing personality, however when Bubba and Zeida have stayed with us over recent yomtovs I could feel the difference he would make. I have heard and read the stories about my Zeide and I can learn from them.

Although it makes me upset that he will not be able to join me at my barmitzva I feel that we should not be remembering his death or even the past 5 years when he has not been himself, but we should celebrate him and his life and achievements within it.

One thing that I can say together with my brother and sisters and only a few others which I think goes deeper than the stories is that a part of him is in me as he was and always will be MY ZEIDE.