In the Community

BHC in the Community

The relationship between the congregation and the wider community has always been excellent. In the earliest days the Town Councillors looked kindly on an application to reserve land at Boscombe Cemetery for congregational use and allowed the building of a prayer house there.

After the Second World War the congregation worked closely with the Council to provide housing for War Widows.

Civic dignitaries are regularly invited to the synagogue for events, and are always included in formal celebrations.

Public Office

Many members, past and present, have been successful and respected holders of public office. With apologies to any who have been inadvertently overlooked, we can mention:


  • Barrington Myers, Mayor of Christchurch 1962/63
  • Dr Gabriel Jaffe, Mayor of Bournemouth 1977/78
  • Michael Filer, Mayor of Bournemouth 1984/85
  • Bennett Grower, Mayor of Bournemouth 2000/01
  • Anne Filer, Mayor of Bournemouth 2006/2007

On The Bench

  • Hetty Cohen
  • Ronnie Cowan
  • Amy Ellis
  • Josephine Jackson
  • Mandy Kaye
  • Hilary Myers
  • Janet Pins
  • Rayla Scher
  • Cyril Speller
  • Eta Wainer
  • Josie Weinberg

Britain’s Premier Jewish Holiday Location

Because of its place as Britain’s premier Jewish holiday location, the number and prominence of visitors to BHC on holiday in Bournemouth has resulted in a high profile for the congregation and a good relationship with congregations all over the world.