Israeli Dancing

Dance Fever !

When Natalie Rosenfeld, now rebbetzin of Marble Arch shul, came to Bournemouth in 2001, she brought with her something  special and enduring.  She was a great fan of Israeli folk dancing, Rikudei Am, and because there was no group in Bournemouth she decided to start one.  From the moment it began, a group of approximately fifteen women became completely devoted, and although Natalie left us four years ago, her legacy continues.

There are now two groups of dancers. The first group meets at 7.00 pm and is led by Marilyn Dexter. They do the less complicated dances at a more gentle pace.  For the first half hour, if there are any absolute beginners who wish to come, they are catered for with lessons on the basic steps and easy dances.

The second group arrives at 8.00 and the pace increases. This group is led by Irene Weintroub, without whom the group would not have been able to continue post Natalie. They dance for two hours with a short break in between to catch up with the gossip of the week. Natalie makes the occasional guest visit, when she teaches new dances to keep the Bournemouth group up to date with the other Rikudei Am groups throughout the world. She has been known to teach as many as four new dances in one night!

The Bournemouth group always offers a warm welcome to anybody who would like to try Rikudei Am for the first time, or to any visitors who dance elsewhere in the world and would like to join in. Likewise, members of the Bournemouth group have danced with other groups in Israel, America, South Africa, London and anywhere else they may find themselves.

Rikudei Am is extremely popular in many countries. It combines aerobic exercise with beautiful music, and a fun social activity. For further information please contact the shul office on 01202 557433 if you would be interested in joining in.