Ladies Weekly Parsha Group

In 1993 Jane Victor and Ruth Soetendorp started a study group for ladies which met every Tuesday evening to discuss and read (in English) the weekly Torah portion for a few hours. The venues change each week and several hostesses take turns to provide space and a welcome drink at the end of an evening of lively discussion. One lady from a willing list facilitates each session (that is, she keeps the rest in order when the chat becomes too boisterous or strays too far off the point) and tells each reader how many verses to read.

The number of verses or chapters discussed varies each week, as does the number of participants. Sometimes only a handful of ladies are available. At other times “Can we squeeze another chair into the room?” is often the case. Because different books are brought, the overviews and commentaries on the text promote much enthusiastic debate.

This weekly event provides those present with a thought-provoking and meaningful insight in to the Torah among friendly, like-minded people.

The text may be the same each year but the comments can be refreshingly different. “Well, I never knew that” is a phrase heard frequently.

Come and join us to see what you can learn.

For further information, check the weekly events Diary, send an email to, alternatively contact the shul office on 01202 557433.