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Thursday 6th January 10.00 to 12.00 noon and

Friday 7th January 9.00 to 11.30 am


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by 2pm on Tuesday 4th January

(Cooked food, bread and salmon products

available for collection on Friday 7th January)


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Only the product supplied from the Shul Shop is supervised by Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation under the supervision of Rabbi Adrian Jesner. We have changed our labelling to ensure Allergens are clearly marked. Please advise if allergic to any food substance.

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Fish Poultry
Tuna cutlets £2 each Whole Roast Chickens £14.50
Fried fresh Salmon £6 per piece Chicken Schnitzel £7.00
Poached Salmon £5.50 per piece (approx. 175g) Chicken Breast £6.00


Fried Fish – Haddock £7.50 Roast Chicken in ¼’s £14.50
Fried Fish – Plaice £7.50 Chicken Leg quarter £5.50
Fish Balls – (Pack 10) £8.50 Chicken soup by Stuart large pot £4.50 single pots £3.00
Salmon Cutlets/Fishcakes £2.00 Each
Specials Specials
Egg and Onion £1.65 per 8oz pot Quiche by Katrina, large £4.50 and small £2.75 each
Potato Kugel £5 large or £2.50 small Apple Pie £4.50 by Dave
Vegetable Kugel £5 large or £2.50 small Apple and Cranberry Pie £5.25 by Dave
Lockshen kugel £5 large or £2.50 small Latkas £0.95
Frozen Chips £2.20 per pack Lokshen pudding by Diana £2.50 each
  Vegetarian cholent £2.50 small each
  Meaty cholent £8.50 large each
  Chicken soup by Stuart £4.50 a pot
  Cooked Goulash meat £8.50 for approx. 1 lb.

Just defrost, heat and eat


Deli Bakery
From Hoffmans-


Medium Challah £3.10each


Schmaltz Herring Large Challah £4.10each
Cucumber salad Challah Rolls 0.85p
Bobby’s sugarfree Gefilta roll Large Rye Bread £3.10
  Beigels 0.80p
Variety of Cheeses: Poppy seed Beigels 0.85p
Blocks of Mature & Mild Cheddar, Red Leicester and Gouda. Onion Beigels 0.85p
Sliced and Grated cheeses from Schwartz and Chevington Sesame Beigels 0.85p
  Large sliced Bulka £4.10
Ungers Chicken  Cooking sauces, biscuits, crisps, liquorice, chocolate and other sweets Honey Cake £6.00
  Madeira Cake £6.00
Soy Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce Vanilla Lekach £6.00
  Chocolate Lekach Cake £6.00
Kedem Grape Juice Marble Lekach cake £6.00
Concord Natural or Organic Yeast Cake £7.50
Tirosh Muscadet Grape Juice Cheesecake slab or Sugar Free
  Cheesecake slab £7.80
  Mixed Danish or

Raisin Danish buns 0.75p each

  Please advise any other breads or biscuits and we will enquire for you
Diary Grocery
Milk and Cream (Soya) Chocolate biscuits, wafers, digestives selection.
Soya Custard Blooms crisps (gluten free),
Semi skimmed milk(frozen) 1 litre BB sour cream and cheese snacks,
Skimmed milk (frozen) 500 ml Potato rings, Kolak crisps and Bissli
Chevington Cheeses: mature cheddar, Gouda and grated Pizza cheese Assorted chocolate creams, sweets, Cherry knibs, selection of liquorice, Crisps, Potato rings and Nis Nash
Cheddar cheese slices:

Red Leister and Gouda

Marshmallows and Dragees
Schwartz Grated cheese 250 gms and 400 gms Sugar free Jelly Liebers and Simply delice
Cream cheese Biscuits and Wafers
Apple Cider vinegar Pot Noodles
Simulated chicken fat Sugar free products
  Osem crackers and Soup mixes
Goldstein’s Smoked Salmon to Order Manischewitz Minestrone soup mix
100gms £4.15 Kedem Soup mixes
200gms £6.25 White and red wine vinegars
400gms £12.10 Duck Sauce, Chicken Sauce and Pasta Sauce
  Rakusen’s Digestives, Spiced ginger, Snackers, Chocolate snackers, Water Crackers, Rice Cakes

Fresh Salmon £21.50 for whole side.

Fresh Salmon Pieces, approx. 300gms, £7.35

Free range large white eggs £2.65 per dozen

A good selection of Foil Baking containers and trays plus Candles and Yahrzeits always available