Table Tennis

Table Tennis at The Gertrude Preston Hall

Table Tennis Group Photo
It was at a meeting of the Shul Aid committee in 2007 that I came up with the idea of a table tennis activity to take place in the Shul on a Monday morning.

Once I found out that the Shul did in fact have a table tennis table the Monday morning sessions started.

Initially only a few people came but with word of mouth and advertising many more players joined, they had all levels of experience from club players, those who had played in local youth teams and some because they played in their past and had enjoyed it.

We acquired a second table and our number grew to more than 30 members of which between 12 to 20 turn up regularly.

The members make a nominal donation of £1 when they attend and drinks are provided, and from our proceeds £500 has been given towards the costs of a defibrillator for the Shul.

Jonathan Kay volunteered to help me run the group but in the absence of both of us the group is so well established it runs itself.

It has become a very social morning, the highlight of the week for many of those taking part.

It is a great activity, great fun and all are welcome at the Gertrude Preston Hall Monday Mornings between 10.30 and 12.30.

Vicky Cohen