The Shul Choir

A Brief History

The current choir started in 2007 with the idea that Rev. Meir Lev, the Chazzan at that time, would daven part of the High Holydays Mussaf Kedusha accompanied by two or three of the youth of the community. However, enthusiasm grew, and several gentlemen indicated that they too would be interested in singing on Yom Tov.

So the BHC Choir was formed, and rehearsals commenced, some four weeks before Yomtov. They were directed by Rev. Lev; the Conductor then was Nigel Blumenthal and the Choir included Eric Kurt, Alan Rosenberg, Max Lopez-Diass, Marcus Lieberman, Frank Morris, Andrew Kurt, Benji Waxman and David Morris. Yom Tov came and went and the Choir sang for the whole of the Mussaf service.

The response of the community was positive, and in December 2007 it was decided to have the Shul Choir sing regularly on Shabbat M’varachim.  Joined by Brian Bradley and with Frank Morris taking over the role of Conductor, rehearsals began on a regular basis, and the Choir made its debut on Shabbat M’varachim Adar Rishon, 2nd February 2008.

February 23rd saw the welcome arrival of the new Minister, Rabbi Jesner, and on this his inaugural Shabbat the Choir was again engaged to sing. This was quickly followed by the Civic Service held for the Mayor of Bournemouth, Councillor Anne Filer, a very special occasion for which the Choir also sang.

In July 2008 the Choir were invited to sing at the Bat Mitzvah of Jessica Almagor, daughter of Ami and Deborah Almagor, members of the Synagogue. Numbers were enhanced by the addition of Michael Berzon and Geoff Cravitz and continued to sing on each Shabbat M’varachim during the year, culminating with the High Holyday Services, Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.

Following Rev Lev’s departure, Rabbi Jesner indicated that he would like to sing and lead the Choir and so, now with a distinctly Scottish flavour, they continue to enhance their repertoire and sing most Shabbat M’varachim, and will also undertake other functions subject to availability.

As with any voluntary organisation, some members don’t find it easy to attend on a regular basis, and so the Choir’s main concern at present is to increase numbers.  Therefore, should any male member wish to join the Choir, please contact Frank Morris through the Synagogue office at (01202) 557433 or by email