Hospitality for Jewish Visitors to the BHC Community

We are happy to be able to offer Shabbat hospitality to any visitors who may require meals and a warm welcome.

We have a rota of families ready and willing to entertain you and would be most grateful if you would contact the Shul office on 01202 557433 by Thursday morning at the latest to make the necessary arrangements.

We will do our utmost to match families, couples or singles with appropriate host families.

Facilities Open to Jewish Visitors

Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation warmly welcomes the Jewish visitors to our town. The following facilities are available for use by the visitors:

  • Shul Services – All regular services are held in the Shul building unless stated otherwise. For details of the daily services please see the Services section of our website.
  • Kosher Shop – Our Shop@theShul carries an extensive range of Kosher products including bread, dairy and meet products. For more information please see the Kosher Facilities section of our website.
  • Mikveh – There is a fully functioning mikveh in the Shul premises. For further information please see the Member Services section of our website.
  • Adult education and Activities – We have a lively Adult Education and various other cultural activities in Bournemouth. More information about the events can be found in the Diary and Learning sections of our website.
  • Information about the Area – Information about fun things to do in the Bournemouth Area can be found in the Things To Do section of our website.

Security is of paramount importance. All visitors are kindly requested to make themselves known to the Security Team.

Our Brochure

To access our brochure click here or scan the QR code with your smartphone.





We hope you enjoy your visit to Bournemouth.