Bournemouth WIZO
(Women’s International Zionist Organisation)

Jane Victor writes:

Bournemouth WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organisation) is a cog in a very large wheel of Jewish Women all over the world, whose mission is to help support and strengthen families in Israel.

The vision is that secure, fulfilled and useful citizens should emerge from nurturing, self-sufficient and supportive families. As the largest Jewish women’s network in Great Britain and Ireland we pursue these goals by involving our members, through education and fundraising, in support of vital social welfare projects in Israel.

WIZO in Bournemouth has been in existence almost since the beginning of community life here and the mantle of chairmanship has been handed down without a break since before my memory began, over 60 years ago.

Our across-the-board membership encompasses vibrant young women in their 20s, working mothers, prime timers and active retirees through to golden age members who may have belonged to WIZO U.K. for sixty years or more.  Many of our active members belong to this group who have always been members and have joined our Bournemouth group when moving here from other communities.

As time has progressed we have gained a Young WIZO Group to add some modern touches to the ‘old ways’; however the aim of WIZO is that every Jewish woman should be a member in the hope that by doing so they themselves will gain in understanding the social problems faced by many Israeli families and will therefore want to support the fundraising done for this worthy cause.  We do urge ladies moving to Bournemouth to seek us out and to join us and help with the work that we do.  Interestingly our social and fundraising events have become very popular and definitely help to enhance the social life of  community members.

WIZO U.K. is the largest Jewish Women’s Organisation in Great Britain and Ireland. It is a non party political movement of Zionist women providing a powerful view on human rights issues and concerns relating to the status of women.

For further information about Bournemouth WIZO please contact the synagogue office on            01202 557433      .

For more information about WIZO generally please visit their UK website at www.wizouk.org