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BCHC is a charity and, unlike many other charities, we rely fully on your membership and generous donations to enable us to serve the Congregation and wider Community.

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In today’s difficult climate, every donation is really appreciated.

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Since BHC renewed its Charitable Corporate status, we require revised instructions from all Donors.

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There are three other, immediate ways in which donations can be made to the Shul in celebration and remembrance:

The Tree of Life

This is situated on the wall in the Shul Foyer. Next time you have any type of Simcha or other happy event to celebrate, why not inscribe a leaf on the tree to mark your joyous occasion and at the same time this will assist the community.

The Memorial Boards

These are situated in the men’s section of the Shul. If you would like to inscribe the name of a dearly departed loved one on the Memorial Board, the light bulb by the side of their name will be lit every year on their Yahrzeit, thus keeping their memory in perpetuity

Memorial Book

This is situated in a glass covered case in the Shul Foyer. Again, by having the name of a dearly departed loved one inscribed on a page in the book, this will keep their name in perpetuity as each year on their Yahrzeit, the page of the book in which their name is inscribed will be displayed.

For further information, please contact the Shul Office. Tel: 01202 557433 Email:

Finally, over the years, we have been blessed and fortunate enough to have been the recipient of a number of legacies, and would be most grateful if you would consider leaving something to BCHC in your Will. If you wish to have an initial conversation, we would be delighted to meet up with you for an informal, commitment-free chat.


Charity no: 1195412