Religious, Jewish and Cultural Learning

At BCHC we have maintained an interesting, informative and varied programme of in-person Religious, Jewish and Cultural Learning (lectures, workshops and courses) over many years, hosted by our Rabbanim, Shul Members and an eclectic range of Guests. Our programme was severely curtailed during the pandemic of 2020/21. Although Zoom did provide a platform to maintain connections, it was not ideal for all our members, and could not create the positive atmosphere of our on-site events.

If you have experience and expertise in an area of interest to others, and would be happy to deliver a presentation, then please make contact and email

Future events will be posted on the Learning (Events Listing) page. Here is just a small sample of events held over the years:


  • Social Torah (Rev Barry Sklan)
  • Monthly briefing by the Rabbi on each Hebrew month (Rabbi Jesner)
  • A five-week crash course in Torah
  • The Significance of the Bible in Jewish Culture (Dr Helen Spurling, The Parkes Institute for Jewish/ non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton)

Jewish Issues

  • A five-part lecture series on the events leading to the creation of the State of Israel (Ivor Weintroub)
  • A six-week course on Jewish History
  • Jewish Genealogy (Ken Cohen)
  • Preparing for New Year (Rebbetzin Pamela Jesner)
  • Preparing for Pesach (Rebbetzin Pamela Jesner)
  • A film exploring the life and times of Theodore Herzl
  • The records in the WJR Archives (Rebecca Singer, World Jewish Relief)
  • ‘Righteous Among Nations: the History of an Unprecedented Commemorative Category’ (Professor Dan Michman)
  • ‘UPROOTED’ – How 3,000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world vanished overnight (Lynn Julius, Harif, author)


  • The Amazing Fogel – Showman and Bullet Catcher (Chris Woodward, author)
  • The Palladium and Jewish Connections (Chris Woodward)
  • Hosted by CCJ, “Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism” (Ivor Weintroub)
  • A Father’s Advice to his son in the Israeli Army (Rabbi Hammer)
  • ‘My Life in Antiques and the Real Deal’ (Jan Keyne)
  • Keeping Safe in these challenging times (Geoff Waldman)
  • ‘A Four Sites Saga: The Story of JFS’ (David Harris)