Sephardi Association – Dedication of Third Sefer Torah

The Bournemouth Sephardi Association dedicated a third Sefer Torah on the occasion of its 14th anniversary. About 80 men, women and children participated in this happy occasion.

The congregation gathered at the Glen Fern entrance. After the Sefer Torah was inspected, it was carried under a Chuppah to the Wootton Gardens entrance and taken into the Shul. The new Sefer Torah was paraded around the Bimah seven times after which seven Agbahot were performed. Finally the new Sefer Torah was placed in its Ark.

After the ceremony, the participants were invited to take part in a Sephardi style Kiddush in the Menorah Suite.

To see the flyer from Simon Tammam please click here: Sephardi day to remember










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