Emunah Young Musician of the Year

Bournemouth Golda Emunah’s Emunah Young Musicians of the Year lunch was a great success and a real treat for the 100 attendees. We were privileged to meet and hear Anoushka Sharp age 14, Cellist (Winner 2012), Amos Sharp age 12, Violinist (Winner 2013) and Aviva Sharp age 10, Violinist (Finalist 2014),  accompanied by their father Dr David Sharp (piano) and supported by their mum Jessica. These young and talented musicians call themselves the A-Sharp Trio, a fitting name.  They entertained us with a number of short pieces including Hungarian Dance No1 by Brahms, Czardas by Monti and Swan by Saint-Saens to name a few.

The attendees also watched an Emunah video outlining the vital work undertaken by Emunah in Israel, which moved many to tears. Following the video, Prof Weitzman made a small speech inviting everyone to donate to this worthy cause. Rabbi Jesner gave the vote of thanks, as well as presenting the young musicians with a present to commemorate the occasion.

The event raised more than £2000. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event such a great success.

We hope this will be a recurring event and we will get the opportunity to meet young, talented musicians in the coming years.

Photos and videos courtesy of Mahir Ozdamar.


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