Supporting Appeals for Ukraine

We became aware that the local charities gathering donations for the Ukraine relief efforts, were in urgent need of large, wooden pallets. These pallets are required to batch and transport the substantial quantities of donations being shipped to Poland in vans, with volunteers making multiple return journeys.

Coincidentally, BCHC had 16 large pallets available to donate. So that was the first requirement happily ticked.

Next, we needed to find a way to get the pallets to the Donation Centre. So, a call went out to our Community and, via contact of a member, a kind volunteer with a van came forward. Cue Mike Pollard!

On a rainy Friday morning, Mike collected the pallets, loaded them into his van and transported them to the Donation Centre.

The volunteers at the receiving end were extremely grateful for our contribution. The impressive operation is housed in a huge warehouse, where lots of volunteers are sorting and batching donations, which are then shrink-wrapped in large boxes on the pallets, and finally loaded onto vans for transport.

Our members, of course, are finding many ways – financial and otherwise – to support Ukraine at this terrible and frightening time. In this instance, BCHC is grateful to have been able to provide direct and tangible support to the voluntary effor

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