A New Board – A New Vision

We will continue to cultivate our hospitable, open and inclusive, cohesive social environment, for all to prosper from. We are determined to give importance both to religious and communal activities, and we wish to build on and nurture a multi-generational membership.
As we develop a stronger and thriving Community, this will ensure the sustainability of our religious activities alongside a broad range of communal and social activities, according to personal needs.
We are committed to offering an attractive, comprehensive, varied programme of observance and worship, educational, cultural and social events.
It is of utmost importance that we continue to provide a very warm welcome to all visitors to Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, regardless of their level of observance, and without judgement. There are many unaffiliated Jewish residents within the Region, and we wish to encourage everyone to join us by meeting their personal, social and/or religious needs.
In the future, we wish to implement a series of charitable, fundraising and communal projects that will contribute towards a sustainable, growing Community and embrace all.
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