Communal Havdalah at HLH

Another way the congregations of Bournemouth celebrated Shabbat UK was by coming together for a joint Havdalah ceremony at the Hannah Levy House (HLH) after Shabbat went out. Rabbi Adrian Jesner from BHC, Rabbi Maurice Michaels from Bournemouth Reform Shul and Rabbis Yossi and Ben-Zion Alperowitz from Chabad came together to conduct the Havdalah ceremony in the presence of the HLH residents and other guests representing the Jewish congregations of Bournemouth.

The rabbis discussed the significance of the Havdalah (which means separation) ceremony, how the mundane days of the week are separated from Shabbat by this  ceremony and the symbolic meaning of the items used such as the braided candle, the spices, etc.

This is the second year the joint Havdalah ceremony has taken place at the HLH and it was enjoyed by all. We look forward to many more events that bring together the Jewish communities of Bournemouth in joyous occasions.

(M. Ozdamar)

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