Uncle Bernie’s Children’s Services

Uncle Bernie’s Children’s Service has become an institution among both the members of the BCHC and the many visitors that come to Bournemouth for their holidays and to visit family each year.

For over 20 years, Uncle Bernie has been offering a special service for children during the Torah readings, entertaining them with their own unique experience that cannot be compared with any other children’s service anywhere in the world. There are stories, davening, tehillim and goodies to eat. After their special service, the children come back into Shul with Uncle Bernie and stand on the Bima for the final part of the service, so not only do they have their own Shabbbat morning experience, but they take part in the main service too.

The impact that Uncle Bernie has had on the children who have passed through his care, was summed up by a country member. She commented that, after his Bar Mitzvah, her son said he will always have fond memories of his summers in Bournemouth. His attendances at the Children’s Service in Bournemouth played a very important part in the development of his love for Judaism.

Covid permitting, we hope this tradition will continue for many years to come.